Android app – Randomizer App

Why I chose to create this app?

I gotten my inspiration from this link  This app that I create do the same thing except that I add in additional features for user to decide what they want to eat. The other reason that I chose to create this app is I wanted to learn to use random generator as well as the animation. I treat this as a starting guide and in the near future I might implement more feature along with the random generator to create more complex app.


Concept of the app

An android application for everyone who could not decide on which direction to go or which cuisine to eat. This application can generate a random choice based on the user inputs.

Purpose of this app

There is quite a number of reasons firstly,  the link above which showed TSA paid $1.4million on this simple app. I wanted to  let you know that it can be done within few hours or even minutes if you are skilled. Secondly, this app objective  is to develop a foundation of my Android programming skill. I might further enhance this app in the future to make it much more usable in real-life scenario.

Allow user to key in multiple cuisine as they had a hard time deciding what to eat. The system will random choose one for them.  Save the trouble of deciding especially when eating in groups and everyone seems to has lost their decision-making skill.



These apps that has the main feature which is random generator, apart from that they have additional features like generator for different uses , this includes,

  • Random colors/ letters
  • Spinner UI
  • Generate random dates




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Where to get?

APK file of the app:


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