Android app – Whack-A-Mole

Why I chose to create this app?

As a avid gamer from young, I always wondered how game in computer and mobile device worked. At that point of time, all I know was to follow the game’s instruction, playing the game. I have no clue of what is going behind the scenes of those games I played. I wanted to give myself a chance to try and develop simple game not too complex as I do not have the skill sets yet.

Purpose of this app

The main reason of this app creation was giving myself a try on developing something new and fresh to me from Android Studio. I personally feel that my java competency is not that high and it takes awhile for me to truly understand the meaning of some codes. I gathered all the knowledge that I had learnt from the module (C346 Android Programming) and also to research some of the codes that aren’t taught in the module.  Apart from that, this app can serve as a starters for students or those who want to learn on developing mini games. It is really a simple game app which make use of the AnimationDrawable to create a frame per second kind of animation.

Functionality of the app

A simple “whack-a-mole” app that uses random generator to generate the appearance of the target in random order, which user has to tap in order to score. Simple animation and handler are used in order for the “mole” to be appearing out of the screen with each successful tap(score+1) will increase the speed of the appearance.  There is 2 buttons which one will start the game, while the other will check the latest score, the user had scored. The user will have 5 lives to begin with and a missed tap on the “mole” will result in reduction of lives. Once the user has 0 lives, the game ends.


Features added

  • Colors layout
  • BGM (Background music)
  • Parsing of highscore into a separate activity



These are some of the existing apps which are in better quality. Some of the app looked good and all the app has a coloured background with realistic animation. I definitely can learn the positive features from these apps like having an image background, settings page, time limit and all those graphical layouts.

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Challenges that I faced

  • Setting the animation to appear to be “popping up” from the ground
  • Parsing highscore to the highscore activity
  • A lot of compilation errors which need to be resolve
  • Resources overload




Where to get?

APK file of the app:


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