Web app – Weather/TimeZone App

Why I chose to create this app?

I want to create something that I can personally use as well as others.

Existing problem

The problem with weather app is that most of the information are somehow inaccurate. For example, Singapore might have heavy rainfall and the weather report might not have updated immediately. It takes time to update the app which result in misleading information being displayed.  There can be no 100% accurate on weather report, because of sometimes due to environmental changes or some other factors. What I am going to create will be as accurate as possible to my utmost effort I can be.

Concept of the app

It is for everyone who wants to know more about the weather information in a specific country location. For example, when travelling to South-Korea you would like to know the current weather for that country so that you could prepare the necessary preparations like extra jackets/gloves for the cold weather.  You could also be just checking the weather in your own country so that you are prepared when it is having a thunderstorm/rainy weather.  You could also check the country to know the current time in the specific country. Due to these information, people are much efficient in getting things prepared.

Functionality of the app

Basically like any other weather web app it can display temperature, wind speed, humidity and brief weather description of the specific country that the user entered. The weather information is retrieve through a weather API. The API I used is provided by OpenWeatherMap and TimeZoneDB. The link for the weather API is here https://openweathermap.org/api  The weather app also provide world time zone which user can specify the country they want to know the current timing.  The link for timezone API is here https://timezonedb.com/api

Color Scheme :  Blue hue/White

Blue and white colour combination projects a cool and relaxed feeling which is pleasing to the eye for the majority of the people. User will be checking the weather app frequently and the color combination will let user feel at ease most of the time.

Similar existing app

weather1weather2weather3These weather apps are one of the top rated and if not the most used on the browser.

Meteorological Service Singapore(MSS) is more localized as compared to AccuWeather and BBC Weather which target globally.

  • Able to get up to 15-days prior weather forecast
  • Weather overview of a state
  • Better UI


Challenges that I faced

  • Hard time implementing the API (Requesting the data from the server)
  • Getting the weather icon to display on the page (Due to the output string which obstruct the url to retrieve the data)
  • Unable to retrieving the data from TimeZoneDB API to display the autocomplete. (It cause overloading of resources (424 time zones listed) (Free API only allows us to send request once per second)
  • Error uploading into 000webhost service due to API calling.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Documentation for implementing the API for getting weather information.


Documentation for implementing the API for getting timezone information.



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