iOS app – Music Player

Why I chose to create this app? 

I want to learn more on iOS development and also to integrate audio into the app.



Purpose of the app

An iOS application for people who want to listen to music or just want to store some audio file for future use.






These are some of the similar existing app with better UI. For example, the first app shows a music player with streaming feature. This feature is good if you want to store a lot of music in your playlist. The other app featured a sub-folder to store different music category as well as able to import file through a web server.




  • Default tracklist
  • Music controls able to pause, stop, play, fast-forward, fast-backward
  • Able to know current and total duration of the music when playing.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I will be enhancing this app in the future to make it more functional with useful features

  • Better UI
  • Integrate cloud service to store large music files
  • Search function
  • Shuffle function



Documentation on creating a basic audioplayer in iOS


Documentation on creating a basic countdown timer in iOS


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